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Do you have a paper related to energy that you’ve written?  Maybe some great energy saving tips?  Or do you have an energy-saving idea you would like to research?  Get some credit for it by publishing it online.  Your article will be available to anyone at anytime.  You can reference it in your resume and direct others to it when a concept or procedure needs explaining.  It’s easy to do.  Just fill out the Publish my Blog form and submit to get your work online.  It’s a great free resource to take advantage of.

Energy Conversions

I find myself constantly looking up certain conversions over and over again.  So I’ve assembled some conversions that are commonly used when performing energy calculations.  The list isn’t meant to be exhaustive.  Instead, it’s meant to be a list of energy conversions that are commonly needed for energy projects.  For everything else, there are numerous conversion websites online that are easy to use and include seemingly endless lists of conversions.  I’ll be adding to the conversions list, and if you find something you would like to see included, just let me know.

Tools and Equipment

I know that when I’m looking into buying new tools and equipment, I like to get reviews from people that have had experience using the product I’m considering.  Users of a product often bring out both strong points and weak points that I would never have thought of on my own.  There are a few basic tools that you need when doing some of the energy projects we talk about on this site.  I’ll list tools and equipment I’ve used and include any pros and cons that I’m aware of.  When an inexpensive and simple tool is all you need to get the job done, I’ll let you know about the products I’ve found to work without breaking the bank.  And I’ll always try to include a source where you can purchase the equipment at a good price.  Amazon will typically be my first choice since their prices are usually reasonable, they are a trusted online retailer, and everybody has easy access.