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Have you written an energy-related article that you would like to share with others?  Get credit by publishing it under your name.  You can share the link to friends, colleagues and customers.

Here’s how to publish your article:

  1. The Blog Post Form is visible below on this page once you join and log in.
  2. Fill in the Blog Post Form below and click Submit Post.  Yep, that’s all there is to it.  Be sure the article is appropriate for this site.  See the Site Purpose & Scope page to determine what would be considered appropriate content.
  3. A queue holds articles for review.  After articles are approved, they are immediately published on this website under the Learn menu, usually within 24 hours.


Publish my blogPublishing tips:

  • Be sure to register on the website and complete your account profile.  Your name and a short bio are displayed just below each of your blog posts.  Go to your account, click on “View Profile” just below your picture, click on the gear icon on the right side of the page, and choose “edit profile”.  Fill in your profile as you wish the public to see it.  You can change it anytime.
  • Content must be your own.  Content found to contain plagiarism, require royalties, permission by another author, or that is copyrighted will be removed.
  • Content must be focused, well-written, organized and use proper grammar and correct spelling or it will not be published.
  • Content must be of appropriate length for the topic.  The article should be long enough (at least 300 words) to fully address the topic, but not so long that readers grow bored.  Try to write articles that provide readers with useful and interesting information and length will normally take care of itself.  Most blogs fall in the range of 300 to 1000 words.
  • Some people prefer to write their articles in a word processor and paste the final copy into the form below.  Word processors normally leave unwanted formatting, so if you write your article in another application, follow these steps: 1) Copy the content from the other application to the clipboard.  2) On the blog post text editor, click the far right button (Toolbar Toggle) to show the second row of editing buttons.  3) Click once on the Paste as Text button Paste as Text Button to highlight it.  4) Paste your content into the editor and then format as desired.  This procedure pastes your content into the editor as plain text and strips all the word processor formatting.  Be sure to complete any remaining form fields.
  • The blog post text editor does not accept graphics in the body of the text at this time, but a header graphic can be inserted.  This is the big graphic at the top of a blog post and also the one that shows on preview and related posts elsewhere on the site.  You can and should upload one jpg header file, preferably of a size 540 x 540 pixels or larger.  All graphics are standardized to 1170 x 540 pixels so posts are consistent.  Graphis less than 1170 pixels wide will simply have white space on both sides of the graphic.  Larger files can always be reduced, but smaller files will be of poor quality if upsized to a height of 540 pixels.  If you prefer, send us a jpg or png file of resolution 540 x 540 pixels or higher, and we’ll be glad to do the rest for you.  And if you need additional graphics inserted into the body of your post, just send the files to us, and we’ll get it done for you.  Send files using the Contact Form being sure to identify each file and where you want it placed.
  • Write an excerpt.  Excerpts are an important part of your post because search engines sometimes (not always) display the excerpt in search results.  This is what people read when deciding whether to click on your post so it should pre-sell your article by making it appealing and irresistible.  Try to keep it to about 150 characters including spaces since search engines cut the description off at about that length.
  • We’ll contact you if we have any questions.  Use the Contact Form to send us any questions you might have.

Time to get started!