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Degree Days and Weather Normalization

Degree Days and Weather Normalization Why do I need degree days? You need degree days to find out if your energy projects actually save energy or not.  Suppose I tell you that my electric bill for the hot month of August was only $50.  Doesn't mean much does it?  There is no reference.  So

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What is Renewable Energy?

What is Renewable Energy? Renewable energy comes from renewable sources.  That much seems self-evident.  However, I often get the questions: What is renewable energy What is alternative energy What is green energy What is sustainable energy Let's examine each type of energy and attempt to come up with a definition for each.  There will

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What is Energy?

What is Energy? Let's not put the cart before the horse. To harness and control energy we first need to understand "what is energy" and understand how it behaves. I’m not going to give you a long-winded technical definition of energy because that isn’t the purpose of this website. When you're doing an energy

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