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    Dear All,
    Please suggest me some tips for Excess Solar Energy Storage:
    I have installed Solar Power system at my home which has the following details:
    PV Modules Installed capacity= 2160KW (08modules with 270Watt/panel)
    Off/On grid Inverter (Has multiple functions including Net-metering option) = 3.5KW
    Deep Cycle Batteries= 04 (120Amp each)
    Average Energy consumption (Load) = 15KWH (60% of this is used at night-from Grid)
    Net-metering option is not available in our area. What I am asking here, Can I store excess Solar Energy as compressed air during the day time and use it at night?
    What will be the compressor specifications/type for providing 9KWH during night hours?
    How it can be coupled with an A.C. generator?
    Is there any system already in market that meets my set-up demand?

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    Hi my name is Esther I actually had the same problem but I decided to switch it up a little bit hope it helps follow up on the link below

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